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From a mom who is still figuring it out

Fear was the first thought in my head when I first considered homeschooling my boys. I told myself I wasn't qualified enough. Those thoughts are not true by the way! You are the most qualified person to teach your kids. No one loves your kids more than you do and no one wants the best for your kids more than you do, so yes you are more than qualified to homeschool your kids.

Aren't you glad you live in this era where you can find the answer to anything in the internet? I feel so blessed. With the help of homeschooling mamas and the internet you will kill it. Your kids will thrive and you will enjoy learning along with them.

We are still figuring what works for us. Adjusting to our routine.I Love the flexibility that homeschool brings and I honestly feel like I've grown a bigger bond with my boys.

I'm sharing our curriculum here. I also uploaded a YouTube video on the curriculum that we are using.

Language Arts :


Social studies:



White Simple Weekly Family Calendar-2
Download PDF • 29KB

Edit this guide by simply Opening this PDF in Canva.

I am so proud and excited for this homeschooling journey. You got this and remember that you can do all things in christ who strengthens you.

Philippians 4:11–13

13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

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