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The books that helped me as a new HOMESCHOOL mom

Hey friends,

As a new homeschool mom, it has been so overwhelming trying to find the rhythm that works for our family. I was sitting on my couch knowing homeschooling was the route I wanted to go but I just didn't know where to start.

Blessed to say that as a new homeschool mom, there are so many resources now than ever. I decided to search for the best homeschooling books, after listening to a couple of homeschooling podcasts and asking around my homeschooling mom friends.

These books have been a great guide in my homeschooling journey. Books are a great resource, if you are not a reader don't worry thankfully we live in a generation where audiobooks are a thing.

Reading books about homeschooling has been so helpful, these are people who have done this homeschooling thing longer than I have. People who I see as mentors and I've learned so much from their expertise. I am going to share some of my favorite books as a new homeschool mom.

Call of the WILD AND FREE

The Call of the Wild and Free offers advice, information, and positive encouragement for parents considering homeschooling, those currently in the trenches looking for inspiration, as well as parents, educators, and caregivers who want supplementary resources to enhance their kids’ traditional education.

If you are looking for somewhere to start this book is it.


A joyful and accessible approach to homeschooling that harnesses children’s natural curiosity and makes learning a part of everyday life, whether they’re in elementary or high school.

In this book, Julie Bogart distills decades of experience - homeschooling her five now-grown children, developing curricula, and training homeschooling families around the world - to teach parents how to make education an exciting, even enchanting, experience for their kids, whether they're in elementary or high school.

This book gave me the courage to know that I don't have to know it all or have a degree in teaching in order to teach my boys. This book is a must!

For the Children's Sake:
Foundations of Education for Home and School

For the Children’s Sake imagines what education can be based on a Christian understanding of the meaning of life and what it means to be human―a child, a parent, a teacher.

The central ideas have been proven over many years and in almost every kind of educational situation, including ideas that author Susan Schaeffer Macaulay and her husband, Ranald, have implemented in their own family and school experience. Includes a foreword by daughter and educator Fiona Fletcher.

I came across Charlotte masons homeschool method, and immediately I knew that was the method I wanted to adopt with my boys.

Her methods are simple and practical.

If you are considering homeschooling with a Charlotte Mason ideology, you must read this book!

Dumbing Us Down - The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

John Taylor became a fierce advocate of families and young people taking back education and learning, arguing that "genius is as common as dirt," but that conventional schooling is driving out the natural curiosity and problem-solving skills we're born with, replacing it with rule-following fragmented time, and disillusionment.

In his book, he explains that after 100 years of mandatory schooling in the US, literacy rates have dropped. The interesting part about his book is that he was a school teacher for nearly 30 years.

This book has such a deep analysis of modern education. A must to read.

*I get a small commission from my links, if you decide to purchase from my link I want to say thank you.


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