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Hello friends!

I am very excited to finally launch my blog space. I have long intended to do this, but I always put it aside until I found myself writing my thoughts in my journal.

I write in my journal every day. However, this time it was different, as the reason for writing in it was after my oldest son had the biggest tantrum. I think those who are moms like me can totally relate to this because I felt like the worst mother ever.

I scolded him and raised my voice; my patience was on the ground. Now many of you may not be moms, but if you've been through similar experiences where you lose your patience, I think you can relate as well.

So, I said to myself one day, why not create a space where I can share all the struggles, experiences, and similar life situations with other women? I want this space to inspire you, to lead you to pursue your dreams, or to take you out of your comfort zone. Or simply just to help you realize one way or another, that you are not alone. That not everything in life is perfect, and it might never be because life is unexpected and full of surprises. Yet, we can definitely agree that there are many similarities we might go through, or are going through at the moment.

Therefore, I decided to create this space where I can share my experiences and also be able to get closer to all of YOU full of life and dreams, who despite the problems and obstacles you don’t give up and continue fighting like the warriors we are.

Now, let me start off by sharing some things with you about me.

· I was born and raised in Mexico until I was 11 years old. I moved to this country with my mom, my brother, and my sister and have been here ever since. Life has been a roller coaster and I have experienced difficult things that made me who I am. We all have a story, some harder than others but let me tell you something. No matter where you are now, your future is bright if you choose to work hard for it. Nothing in life comes easy, but when you fight for it and make the best out of the worst, the feeling of success is three times bigger. So, just remember that all the actions we take today will shape our tomorrow.

· I am 27 years young and my birthday is November 4 TH.

· I became a mom at 19 years old, being a mom is difficult and I know that all the moms who read this can agree. But I am very grateful for their lives. People say that we are the teachers of our children, but I believe it is the other way around. I learn from them every day. I have learned to see life from their point of view, that we don’t need much to be happy and really just value, and appreciate the little things life has to offer.

· I met my husband 10 years ago at a concert, we have been together ever since. It hasn't been easy, but no relationship is right?

· I have my own nail salon and represent the fastest-growing company in America MONAT. I love what I do because I help women make money from their phones, but most importantly I help them want to see beyond what they are already capable of. I really just give them a little push to believe in themselves and to know that the sky's the limit when the desire to become a better woman is at the tips of their hands. I also help my clients have the best skin and hair of their lives through our products.

· I am in a surrogacy journey and i share my journey with you guys.

· Lastly, I feel very blessed to be able to connect with you through all of my platforms, and I can't wait to share a bit of everything with all of you.



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