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I gave Birth to a surrogate baby via c section

The recovery journey

Let me fill you in. December 31st I gave birth to a surrogate baby via C section. Baby was breached at 36 weeks. My Doctor and IPs intended parents thought it was the best decision for baby and I to go in for a scheduled C-section at 39 weeks. My first time getting a c section.

Honestly, this was a scary time for me, the idea of surgery was something I wasn't familiar with. I had two previous pregnancies with normal deliveries. When we are not familiar with certain things or experiences your body goes into fear mode (totally human like).

Well, I am here to tell you that I survived and even though the idea of surgery was scary we made it through.

Here's a picture of me and surrogate baby. I delivered a healthy baby girl. She was perfect and her parents love her so much. It gave me so much Joy to see a family complete best experience ever!

My first week recovering

I am not going to sugar coat It for you, C sections are painful!

Hours after this major surgery nurses will make you walk around, I honestly hated this but I felt like walking did help a lot with my recovery.

You will be surprised what our bodies are capable of.

The hospital lets you stay up to 4 days, by day 3 I was so ready to go back home. I got discharged on day 3 and got sent home with all the meds. That's honestly all you need, I was so scared to take the stronger meds because of constipation. But I learned to listen to my body and If needed a stronger dosage when I was in pain I would take it. For reference I didn't pass stool 6 days after my surgery and that was a painful time if you know you know.

We live in a two story home, I went upstairs and stayed there for the first week. My husband and kids would bring all my necessities upstairs. Your first week will be the hardest at least it was for me. Getting up out of bed was very painful. The first week I felt the most vulnerable and I cried a lot. I needed help for everything even to go to the bathroom my poor husband is a champ.

You will bleed a lot for the first weeks. I am currently 5 weeks postpartum and my bleeding stopped around 4 weeks. I know these are not cute but get yourself some good old woman diapers.

Your 2 week checkup

My incision was covered with a band for the first week. Make sure you keep your band on, I was told that my doctor would remove it at my 2 week postpartum appointment. I didn't want my incision to get infected so I waited. When I saw my incision for the first time, I cried. It looked so scary and big but I was told by many c section moms the scar gets smaller with time and less noticeable. Trust your body.

The essentials that were a must during my recovery:

  • You will experience vaginal bleeding so make sure you stock up on woman's diapers or pads.

  • Ibuprofen will be your best friend the first week

  • Get a postpartum girdle - I Got one that is ideal for c section recovery. The belly belt is designed to prevent postpartum abdominal muscle relaxation. I started wearing it hours after my c section. Best investment ever!

  • Constipation is not fun. I got sent home with stool softeners from the hospital but I honestly felt like that didn't do much for me. I would make myself a tea mixed with miralax mixed with organic Senna peppermint tea and it was the best.

  • You will need a postpartum wash bootle - the one they give at the hospital is not the best in my opinion. leaning over to clean is so hard, I promise this will be your best friend.

Week 5

By week 5 you will notice your incision getting flatter. The skin will also look like it's healed but it's not. Just be careful with intense movements and listen to your body. I promise that you already went through the hardest part, it only gets better from here.

Your body after pregnancy

Everyones c section recovery looks different. Your body went through a major surgery and just remember to be kind to your postpartum body. This is how my postpatpartum body currently looks like, and even thought I feel so out of shape, I try to remind myself that I grew a baby for 9 months. I don't expect to bounce back in a month and you shouldn't either.

Start with your diet and do small progress from here. Small steps helps us create valuable habits, which lead us to accomplishing big goals.

I am sharing more about my postpartum journey on my instagram so make sure you follow along. Thank you for being here.


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